This week’s 7 Best Amazon Great Deals and Super Steals!

Once again we are bringing you the current Great Deals and Super Steals from Amazon.

Remember, these are time-sensitive prices.


We suspect this is a new product to Amazon which is why there are so few reviews on it. But at under $10 for two re-usable storage bags, this is a GREAT PRICE because they tend to be really pricey. Competitor products run $30 to $40 for two of these. These are made of food-grade silicon with no PVCs or off-gassing. They can go from the freezer to the microwave safely. We are all for every new possible path to less waste in the kitchen. And this kind of product takes a huge step that direction. Right now this set of 2 reusable food storage bags from Pingo are on a promo special of $8 on Amazon! This price should be good through November 28.

We love this “ziplock style” of food storage because it is so versatile and so easy to stuff into whatever nook or cranny we need it to stuff into. We just hate tossing so much plastic waste in the trash when Ziplocks start to weaken. This style of storage container solves that problem brilliantly. Go Earth!


More directly kitchen-related, these cute but functional high-heat oven mitts from Figrol are 31% off on Amazon through November 28. They come in two colors, Red and Black. But it appears only the Black mitts are currently discounted. Consumers rave about this product. So if you need to refresh your oven mitt population or you are looking for a great Christmas gift, check them out. This is a GREAT $10-ish gift item for the Baker or the BBQ King you most love. COOKING WITH LOVE IS FOOD FOR THE SOUL indeed!


Both timely and deeply discounted, we love this touchless soap and sanitizer dispenser. You can pick up this Touchless Soap Dispenser at 65% off retail through Amazon. It works equally well for soap or hand sanitizer. And it can sit on a counter or be mounted to a wall. This discount should be good through jkjkkj.


It is no secret how much we love a good immersion blender. But this one from Gizmo goes a step further and actually operates as a Sous Vide. And it just so happens this Gizmo Sous Vide from is on a 39% discount right now. We have not used this specific model, but it gets good ratings from consumers. At it’s current under $40 price this would make a great Christmas gift even if you are in the market for a Sous Vide yourself. This is truly a STEAL.


We couldn’t resist sharing this 50% off deal with you because we LOVE this Paris shower curtain from Fangkun. Our wings may be cut right now. But our dreams of walking through Paris in the rain could stand a little creative bump. Taking a shower in the shadow of the Eiffel down may have to do for a  while. This nylon shower curtain comes in beautifully neutral colors that would blend int with pretty much any decor. And it even includes 12  loop hooks to hang the curtain. The deep discount on this shower curtain should be available through November 28.


We add this salt & pepper grinder because it is such a great deal and such an inventive product. And we have always found a pepper grinder to be a well-received gift item. This Combination Salt and Pepper Grinder from MaKar is deeply discounted at 49% off retail price. And at $5 and a couple of cents, we find it too good a deal not to share. It combines salt and pepper in one grinder so it is a huge space-saver either for next to the stove or on the dining table.


We freely admit a vacuum cleaner is not exactly French. But clean is. And having time to live a joyous life certainly is! So we’re going to claim this. And we’ve been shopping for really good deals on robotic vacuums for a while now. This one is too good to pass up if you are in the market. This Bissell Pet Vac Robot with remote control is 33% off until November 27th on Amazon.


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