This week’s 8 Most Amazing Amazon Steals

Each week we try to bring you the best flash sales and Amazon steals from at least one of our affiliates. These are typically limited-time offerings with limited supplies. Many are available only until the supply runs out. Some are special prices only available from an affiliate website like ours. We can’t guarantee supply. But we can alert you to the sale.

We advise you to click on the pink links rather than the pictures to get the best price.



This first sale is for Keto people who like to mix it up and rely on Keto-friendly snacks to get through the day or who like a snack on the subway.

You may be interest in this 15% off sale from SuperFat Keto snacks, available on Amazon.

They come in a variety of flavors including Cacao Coconut, Coffee+MCT, MCT with Probiotics, Macadamia Coconut, and Protein.

This is an easy-to-use, quick take-along snack that seldom goes on sale.



If you are Keto but cooking is more your thing, you may be interested in this 10%-off sale on Keto-friendly Lupin Flour from Modern Mountain, also available on Amazon. You have to use the code 10MODERNMTN.

For those unfamiliar with Lupin Flour, it is high in protein and fiber but is only 2 net carbs per serving size. It has a full 11 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber per serving, so it is a great Keto flour that won’t kick you out of ketosis. It is gluten-free with almost zero glycemic impact.

And for our readers with an ecological bent, Modern Mountain has a planet give-back policy of using a part of every sale to donate to green endeavors.



And to counter-act the stress of our times, nothing could possibly be more helpful than good ol’ Chamomile tea. We love this deep a discount! So we are sharing this 50%-off sale on Pampadour’s Chamomile Tea from Amazon.

Yes, the packaging says Manzanilla rather than Chamomile. But that is because this fine 100% Chamomile tea is imported from Spain where arguably the best Chamomile in the world is grown. (The word manzanilla is Spanish for Chamomile.)

This is one of the finest Chamomile teas in the world and we seldom, if ever, see this kind of discount on it. And even though it is imported from Spain, it ships free with Amazon Prime.



While we are on the subject of deep discounts, we cannot possibly miss sharing this 60%-off deal on NoMi Sparkling Waters through Amazon.

These are totally sugar free with zero calories. And they come in Cherry-Lemon, Cherry-Lime, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, as well as an Assortment Pack.

They are shipped free of charge if you have Amazon Prime.

We like to make our own sparkling water at home, which really saves environmentally on the throw-away cans. But every once in a while, the convenience of having chilled sparkling water in a pre-packaged can so you can just run out the door is absolutely invaluable.



And for our baker friends, we love being able to share this GREAT 80%-off deal on Parchment Paper from Tinani, also available on Amazon.

Tinani is offering this huge discount for a limited time on both the 5 M rolls and the 10 M rolls or until the supply runs out.

This is high-quality non-stick baking paper that makes all the difference in the world in a wide variety of baked goods.

At this price, it’s the perfect time to stock up even if you have plenty on hand. Remember, there is no expiration date on parchment paper.



We also love this wall-mounted food storage container from Tinani. And we love that they are offering an 80%-off deal on the Wall-Mounted Food Storage on Amazon even more!

Tinani markets this as rice storage, but it could work for pretty much any type of food or flour that you will consume in a relatively short period of time. It would be perfect for kids’ healthy snacks like nuts and trail mix. You could mount it low where the kiddos could get to it themselves without nagging you to get them a snack. No hands in the bins. It operates with a push-button.

The space-savings on this device is terrific. It’s hard to beat 80% off. And it would make a great Christmas gift.



And then, mostly because Tinani is on a roll at this 80% discount level, there is this darling little modern design grinder that can be used either for Pepper or Salt.

We love this 80%-off discount on the Tinani Pepper Mill on Amazon.

It’s battery-operated. It takes only one hand because it has a button on the top. And since you can see the contents in the clear area at the bottom, you could easily buy two identical ones and always know which is your salt and which is your pepper.

It’s a sleek neutral design that fits into virtually any kitchen decor seamlessly.

This also would make a splendid Christmas gift. Particularly at this price.



I don’t know about you, but we are always looking for novel shapes of good quality silicon molds. They work so well both for baked goods and gelatins, even for things you want to pop in the freezer.

We love this 80%-discount on Semi-Sphere Silicon Molds from Yiwula from Amazon.

So versatile. And totally dishwasher safe.

At this price, we are obsessed! (And thus the collection grows.)













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