The Five Best Corkscrews 2020

We scoured the marketplace to find the best corkscrew at the best price. And here are the FIVE BEST CORKSCREWS we found.

Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew

This professional waiter’s corkscrew is available on Amazon and is usually around $12 with no shipping costs. This is the corkscrew you see in most restaurants around the world. It’s not just a fake name; it really is a professional waiter’s corkscrew. It is a fairly basic corkscrew that works great if you have the hand and wrist strength to use it. And it is so well made you will likely only buy it once unless you lose it or a jealous friend swipes it — because it looks so cool. There’s a certain panache to it since it is what most waiters use at your table in the fanciest restaurants. This Barvivio corkscrew comes with either a resin handle or a natural wood handle. The resin colors are White, Black, Gold, and Pink. But there are five choices in wood as well: Red Pear Wood, Pakkawood, Rosewood, Ebony, or Bai Ying. Some in our group found this their hands down favorite corkscrew. (It has more than 4,000 customer reviews on Amazon.) But not everyone in our group liked it. Some of us had a very difficult time using this style of corkscrew due to lack of hand and wrist strength. Waiters like it because if you have the strength, you don’t have to set the bottle down to uncork it.


2-in-1 Winged Corkscrew by IPOW

The IPOW Winged corkscrew is also available on Amazon. It’s under $15 with no shipping if you have Prime. It doubles as a corkscrew for wine and a bottle cap opener for beer, although almost all beer bottles today have screw tops. This style of corkscrew is favored by those with weak wrists and not a great deal of hand strength. It is easy to use. It does, however, require a flat surface to set the bottle on in order to pull the wings down to uncork the wine. For most of us at home, that presents no problem. While this corkscrew lacks the sleek “professional” caché of the Barvivo, it works like a champ. This is a no-struggle corkscrew that several of us loved.


Belted Bull Waiter’s Corkscrew with Foil Cutter

The Belted Bull waiter-style corkscrew from Amazon is a similar style to the Barvivo corkscrew previously mentioned. It comes with a beautiful rosewood handle, but has no other choices of wood or color. We mention the Belted Bull in addition to the more widely distributed Barvivo for four reasons: (1) It is so well weighted that some people like the way it “feels” in the hand better than the more widely marketed Barvivo model. (2) The Belted Bull has a built-in foil cutter so you never have to hunt for a foil cutter to open a bottle of wine. (3) You can get this Belted Bull corkscrew, along with the foil cutter, for under $10 — and if you are interested in getting a headstart on Christmas gifts, you can get two of them packaged together for under $15. And (4) The Belted Bull has a 100 percent lifetime money-back guarantee if you don’t like it for any reason. If you are dead set on a waiter’s corkscrew, this is certainly one to consider.


Wine Enthusiast’s Electric “Blue” Push-Button Corkscrew

This unique push-button corkscrew from Wine Enthusiast is available on Amazon as well. It is super easy to use. Seriously, all you do is press a button for it to screw down into the cork, and then you push a button for it to pull the cork. And although it is not “built in,” this one comes with a matching foil cutter. Coming in just shy of $30, this is a lovely idea either for a home bar or for a gift. And for those with weak hands and wrists, it’s particularly great. I didn’t mention the futuristic blue light that illuminates the whole process. Definitely gizmo-ish, but it is pretty. And it adds another little tone of “coolth” that may make up for the lack of using a waiter’s screw. It comes with its own electric charging dock.


Professional Power Lever Zinc Alloy Corkscrew by KayCrown

The first time we used a lever corkscrew was in France. It was one made by the nearly legendary company Peugeot. Unbelievably wonderful. Best corkscrew we ever used. But the version available on the U.S. market is iffy and not at all the same quality as the ones available in France. Sad but true. This KayCrown version is a knock-off. But it works like a charm. Our apologies to Peugeot (market a good one here and we’ll buy it), but this KayCrown is a delightful corkscrew. At just under $25, it has an integrated foil cutter that is much safer to use than the one built in to the Belted Bull. It is not the easy-peasy quick corkscrew that the Wine Enthusiast corkscrew is, but it is solid, reliable, easy to use, built to last. And it never has to be re-charged.


So what’s the BEST corkscrew on the market today?



The 2-in-1 Winged Corkscrew by IPOW

For the home chef or the residential host, no fanfare is really needed. You just want the bottle uncorked quickly, easily, and without tearing the bodiddly out of the cork. This baby is under $15 and does all of those things in spades. Wrist and hand strength are not required. At all. It requires very little effort. Great gadget.



Professional Power Lever Zinc Alloy Corkscrew by KayCrown

If price is not a major concern, we go with this one if we can’t travel to France and stow a Peugeot Lever corkscrew in our suitcase. Even at $25, this lever corkscrew by KayCrown is a great purchase as far as we are concerned. Easy to use. Uber easy on the hands and wrists. Well made. Almost effortless. No batteries or electricity needed. A winner in our book. And honestly, for only $10 more than the best winged corkscrew, this upgrade is not a huge outlay.


Yes, you can buy more expensive corkscrews than these five. Fancier ones. Flashier ones.

But why?

Save your money for a bottle of wine.





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