The Five Best Air Fryer Cookbooks of 2020

This is a little bit like reviewing Unicorns.

It is difficult to find cookbooks for air fryer recipes. So the recipe book that comes with your air fryer is going to always be the place to start. But we have scoured the globe (well, the digital globe anyway) to find the best for you. And here are our recommendations.

The Big Bundle from INFRAOVENS

This bundle is under $20 and it is supremely helpful whether you are just starting out with your air fryer or you are a seasoned user.

It contains four laminated quick-reference cheat sheets for cooking times as well as a digital thermometer. And it also has three cookbooks with it. One is general tips and tricks in using an air fryer. One is a re-heating cookbook. And one is a grilling guide.

The cookbooks themselves are not huge stand-outs, although they are good beginner guides. But the cheat-sheets are excellent. The price is about what you would pay for most cheat-sheets alone. And we find the cooking cheat-sheets really helpful when we are throwing together something from imagination or adapting an old recipe for the air fryer.

This is not the best air fryer cookbook on the market. But we promise you will find this bundle a great addition to your air fryer. You can find this reasonably-priced super useful Bundle from Infraovens on Amazon here.



This cookbook from Dash, a maker of air fryers and other small appliances, is a much more traditional cookbook. It has 75 recipes with photographs and easy-to-follow directions for a wide range of dishes.

Although it is written for the Dash air fryer, the recipes and the instructions easily translate to other models of air fryers.

However, let me qualify our recommendation here with a few things.

First, there are a lot of typos in this cookbook. But more than that, many reviewers have complained about recipes either burning or coming out too salty or too peppery. These issues do not always instill trust in the recipes or indicate a very great cookbook.

This cookbook is an “Amazon’s Choice,” which is why we list it here. But we strongly disagree with that designation. It is definitely not our choice.

Admittedly, there is not a lot of competition. But our next three reviews are definitely worth reading before you click a link and buy this cookbook.

You can find Air Frying for Everyone on Amazon here. We encourage you to take a look and read the reviews on it before you purchase it. And by that we mean the most recent reviews. It might be a usable addition to your kitchen. But, do keep reading before you make a decision.


AIR FRYER PERFECTION: From Crispy Fries and Juicy Steaks to Perfect Vegetables, What to Cook and How to Get the Best Results

Other than the interminably long title, this cookbook from America’s Test Kitchens is our absolute favorite. This is a great cookbook and is worth every cent.

It comes in a Kindle-version and a paperback, both around $15. And it also comes in a spiral-bound version for about $10 more. We really appreciate the spiral-bound version because we always have found spiral cookbooks the easiest to use in the kitchen because they sit in our recipe stand easily. To us, the additional $10 is well worth it.

We heartily recommend this great air fryer cookbook!

You can purchase all 75 of the recipes from America’s Test Kitchens in Air Fryer Perfection on Amazon here. And like pretty much anything from America’s Test Kitchens, you can trust the recipes are going to be well tested and very tasty.


The SkinnyTaste Air Fryer Cookbook

This cookbook by award winning and best seller author Gina Homolka has 75 recipes that focus on low-fat and low-calorie dishes. It ain’t exactly how we roll, but it is an excellent cookbook.

The SkinnyTaste cookbook is available both in a Kindle version and in hard copy. No paperback or spiral versions are available. And oddly, the hardback is cheaper than the Kindle version. Prices change all the time on Amazon so this might now be the case when you check. But you can usually pick up this cookbook in hardcopy for under $12.

You can find Gina Homolka’s The SkinnyTaste Air Fryer Cookbook on Amazon here.


Keto Air Fryer: 100+ Delicious Low-Carb Recipes to Heal Your Body and Help You Lose Weight

If you are Keto, like we are, this is the ULTIMATE air fryer cookbook!

Written by renowned Keto chef and expert Maria Emmerich, the recipes in this cookbook are truly delicious and fall squarely in the Keto alley.

All it takes is a quick glance at the customer reviews on any platform that sells this book and you can see how well received it has been. It has rave reviews.

It also comes in three formats. The Kindle version usually runs around $10. It comes in a paperback format for about $10 more. And for another $10 or so, you can get it in a spiral-bound version.

This cookbook is our A #1 pick. If you can splurge for two, we suggest this one and Air Fryer Perfection from America’s Test Kitchens. But we suggest you buy this one first.

You can get Maria Emmerich’s Keto Air Fryer Cookbook on Amazon here.


And what about the air fryer itself?

You can read our review on the Four Best Air Fryers of 2020 right here.


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