Review of Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon

OK. We have to admit we initially bought this Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon as a gag gift because it is from Transylvania. That, and it’s a bargain basement priced Cabernet Sauvignon..

Perfect gag gift, right? You know, for your now “adult” but former Goth friend.

But to our GREAT surprise, the Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon is a perfectly delicious and well-balanced Cab Sav that shocked all the thoughts of Dracula right out of us.

Romanian wines are sleepers, my friends. Excellent quality for a shockingly low price.

Mark my words, this country is a riser in the wine world. And, at least until the rest of the world figures it out, Romanian wines are probably the best bargains in the American wine market.

recas castle cabernet sauvignonThe first nez of the Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon is blackberry with a hint of black cherry and a tiny overtone of walnut.

That is followed by a bouche that begins with dark red berries and walnut quickly followed by cassis and a very slight overlay of vanilla.

This is a medium-to-full-bodied wine surprisingly full of complexity with a soft, rounded finish. It holds up to any red meat dish you pair it with and pretty much anything char-grilled or roasted, even white meats if they have been smoked. It also is wonderful with deeply aromatic cheese, particularly the blues. We even have paired it with pepperoni pizza and it was delicious with the peppered zing.

And — hold on to your fangs here — it sells for under $6 a bottle.

We have been slightly amazed not only at the quality for price of this wine, but the way Recas Castle has positioned its wines on the market. They have a Pinot Noir that is priced slightly higher than this Cabernet Sauvignon, but in our opinion their Pinot Noir is not nearly the wine their Cab Sav is. Maybe it simply reflects regional palate. That’s really the only thing we can determine.

We urge you to do your own taste test.

A bottle of Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon and a bottle of Recas Castle Pinot Noir will set you back a whopping $14 so it is an easy comparison even on a skinny wine budget. By all means, let us know what you think. But we come down pretty firmly in Camp Cab here. Both are good wines — and great wines for the dollar.

But we find this Cab superior.

A small aside here. Recas Castle wines are organically grown.

And that brings us to sulfites.

A note on sulfites.

I have read a couple of customer reviews that say that this Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon isn’t really organic. I am pretty sure that is because the reviewers read on the back of the bottle that it contains sulfites. So just a tiny word on sulfites here.

Sulfites are in every bottle of wine.

Every single one.

It’s nothing sinister. Sulfites naturally occur in the wine process. Sulfites are a natural part of wine that cannot be removed. Some wine-making styles and some varieties produce a higher sulfite content that others, some lower.

Sulphur, in some form or another, has been added to wine in the bottling process pretty much since mankind began bottling wine. It is the sulphur in wine that keeps it shelf stable so it doesn’t go flat the day after you uncork the bottle.

The real issue is not whether there are sulfites in a bottle of wine, but how much additional sulfites have been added to the wine during the wine-making process.

In organic wines, additional sulfites typically have not been added. And if they have been, the amount is tiny.

The vast majority of commercial wine ranges from 5 ppm (parts per million) to 200 ppm of sulfites. Most organic wine has less than 75 ppm of sulfites, and some have considerably lower levels than that. To put it in perspective, the U.S. limits sulfites to 350 ppm, but some wines do contain that level.

Organic wines are not — and let me repeat this again here, organic wines are NOT — sulfite-free. They are lower in sulfites.

So just because you see that the wine has sulfites does not mean it isn’t organic. And any wine that doesn’t label itself as having sulfites is not being entirely honest with the consumer.

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