Review of 2019 Orée des Roses Rosé

If you are looking for a truly excellent budget Rosé, look no further. This lovely from Orée de Roses is just this side of divine — at a great price.

We are constantly in search of great wine at bargain prices. In today’s market we try to hold that to under $12 a bottle. Under $10 if possible.

So when we find a really good wine that we can get at almost half that price, it is time to REJOICE. And, of course, to celebrate with a bottle of it.

great budget rose

This rare-blend 2019 Orée des Roses Rosé from the Languedoc region of France is an absolute gem — particularly when you consider the price per sip.

We’ll get to the price later. But first, let’s talk about terroir, rare blends, and of course taste.

Probably the most well-known terroir for Rosé wines is the area around Provence in southern France. In Provençal Rosé the typical blend is predominately Syrah blended with Grenache and Mourvèdre grapes. (For lovers of the wine typically marketed as Shiraz, the grape Shiraz is made from is the Syrah grape.) This blend, when grown in the Provençal terroir, produces a light, fruity yet dry wine. The refreshing delicate roundness and lovely pink hue are known worldwide. Rosé from Provence is often considered the Rolls Royce of Rosé wines.

But there are other areas in the world that produce fine Rosé as well. In those areas, the blend is usually different. And often, different grapes are used altogether.

And as it turns out, two of the other truly excellent Rosé  regions are in neighboring areas of France. There are basically three major wine producing regions in southern France, each with a different terroir, but each producing magnificent Rosé wines.

PROVENCE is in the southeastern portion of France. To the west of Provence is the LANGUEDOC , in the south-central France. And then still further to the west of Languedoc is BORDEAUX, which rests in the southwestern area of France with a bit of France below it along the border with northern Spain.

All three of these regions produce quality Rosé wines with very different characteristics. While Provence wines are almost exclusively Rosé wines, the Languedoc and certainly Bordeaux are more well-known for their reds, but they both produce pinks and blushes as well. Consider them the Cadillac and the Bentley of Rosé.

2019 oree des roses rose wineThe 2019 Orée des Roses Rosé is from the central area of southern France, the Languedoc, situated near the city of Toulouse. Once an independent province, Languedoc now sits in the area of France designated by the French government as the Occitaine. But the French and the wine world still refer to the area as the Languedoc.

The nez of this lovely pink is raspberry and wild strawberry with an earthy mineral element. The bouche reverberates the ripe raspberry mixed with a hint of pineapple on the tip of the tongue, quickly followed by stone and a whisper of lemon zest. The finish is round, vibrant, exceptionally well balanced, and totally delicious.

We suggest serving this 2019 Orée des Roses Rosé as an aperitif with Gruyere and salted pistachio nuts.

The 2019 Orée des Roses Rosé also pairs beautifully with any sort of grilled meats, salads, tomato-based dishes, most Asian dishes, and very spicy foods.easy hors d'oeuvre tray with rose

For an easy to throw together cold hors d’oeuvre tray with it, look at what we served here. And for a main course, try our recipe for the spicy Portuguese Vinha D’Alhos (found here).

portuguese chicken vinha d'alhosMore than likely your local wine shop carries this wine. It does not appear that one U.S. vendor has exclusive sales rights on it. We were able to find the 2019 Orée des Roses Rosé at our local Total Wine for  $8.99 ($8.09 when purchased with 6 bottles at a time). If you have a difficult time finding it locally, Total Wine ships. But for an even better price, we found an online vendor that sells this exact wine by the case (12 bottles) for $75.95 — which comes out to only $6.25 a bottle. You can find this great full case price on the 2019 Orée des Roses Rosé  at Ace Spirits.

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