You will find two kinds of reviews & shopping guides on So Frenchly. Product Reviews & Wine Reviews.

You can trust that all of our Product Reviews & Wine Reviews are totally independent and thoroughly-researched.

In the few instances we have not personally tested a product, we tell you that upfront. But we always have at least credible second-hand knowledge from a trusted source and we always have researched customer reviews — on multiple reviews sites if data is available beyond Amazon. And in fact, one of our soon-to-be-published articles explains how to understand online reviews and how to read between the lines. (Bee looking for it.) Just know you can’t always trust the Amazon stars.

But we never post a second-hand wine reivew. Ever. There may have been more than one of us involved in a tasting. But every wine review is personally and respectfully tasted by Mimi. ALL OF OUR WINE REVIEWS ARE FIRSTHAND REVIEWS.


Product Reviews

Our Product Reviews include reviews of kitchen appliances, cookware, & all sorts of gadgets and accessories we have found make a cook’s life much easier. The right “stuff” helps the taste of our food and enhances our enjoyment of the whole process. We include reviews of or links to specific ingredients that often are difficult to find locally or not available at what we consider to be a reasonable price in our local stores.

We find the best products at the best prices. And we give you really detailed reasons based on really detailed research. And then we give you direct links to buy them.

Some of the links go to places we have affiliations with. But many we do not not. We are upfront and transparent about our suggestions. And we never let making some teeneesy commission get in the way of giving you an honest opinion. Never have. Never will.

You can read our complete list of current affiliations and our privacy & affiliate policy here.


Wine Reviews

The other kinds of reviews & shopping guides we have are our Wine Reviews.

The main author and founder of this site has studied wine & food for many years on different continents and has have traveled widely to major wine regions of the world. She is adamant that no one call her a wine wine professional or a chef. She simply loves wine. And she loves to cook. And she love bargains and sharing them.

independent product and food reviews by mimi

Mimi’s wine quest and culinary studies have taken her to France repeatedly over her lifetime. She has seriously studied wine and cooking not just in Paris, but in regional culinary centers all over France as well as Portugal and Spain. You will see the diversity of her personal tastes reflected here.

But always at the core, it circles back to So Frenchly wonderful.

Our wine reviews are simple and from the heart. They are not Holy Grails. But we hope they are a good guide to help you widen and refine your palate — and to ENJOY affordable wine.

Most of our wine reviews include links both to purchase that particular wine from an online vendor at the best price we can find, recipes we suggest that pair well with the wine, a background history of the wine and wine region, and our suggestion for the best glass to most fully enjoy it.

In addition to reviews of specific wines you will see upcoming articles on the Wine Rating System and how to understand it and to use it to your advantage. Knowing what the WRS tells you, and more particularly what it doesn’t tell you is important. And you also will find Reviews on the best Wine Clubs we have found to get quality international wines at the absolute best prices possible.