How to Get the Five Best Wine Deals on the market

We are all about wine. But we are even MORE about great wine, and great wine at an equally great price. And so that brings us to the BEST WINE DEALS we could find.

In a recent article we wrote about a several month search for the best sources of wine at really good prices. That search included a deep dive into the plethora of online wine clubs that have sprung up during the pandemic.

And the clear front runner for our money remains a company called SPLASH. What is unique about Splash is that not only does it offer a wide variety of wines from the major wine regions of the world at the best prices we could could find, but a club membership is not required to get good deals.

Here is a great example.
You can choose whether this “mystery box” will be all reds or a mix of reds and whites. (Click on the Overstock Mystery Sale box to go directly to this Splash deal.)

And here is one of the many beautiful things about Splash, they pick really good wines. Not the most expensive wines in the bin. But really good ones at really good prices.

Not all of Splash’s deals are like this “trust-me-it’s-really-good-wine” leaps of faith. But then, look at the price per bottle — $5.66. And that includes shipping to your doorstep. This bundle has 15 bottles of wine for $89.95. No shipping costs on top of that. No club or future order commitment. The retail value of the bundle is $275. And the bundle includes one bottle of Abbott Claim 2015 Pinot Noir that retails for around $60 a bottle — regardless of whether you pick the all-red bundle or the mixed bundle.

Based on our past purchases, the quality of wine Splash sends is typically priced at least half the per bottle price you would pay at a local wine merchant. Since our days of leisurely strolling around the wine market and looking through the bottles are gone — at least for the foreseeable future — we find this kind of wine purchase perfect for our lifestyle. And you may too.

We’re not really up for another monthly charge to hit a credit card, even if it means a better deal on wine. At least not right now. We love the control Splash offers while still getting significant discounts. Of course, after a few orders, the even lower price of membership may seem more appealing. We’ll get there if we get there. But for now, we love the flexibility Splash offers with non-member bundle discounts — and it is something virtually no other online wine club offers.

If you are not a fan of mystery and want more security in knowing what you are ordering, Splash has that covered, too. And at a really good price.


For the remainder of the summer, this Red/White/Rosé bundle would be a great option.

Even though the name of this bundle says Supreme “Spring Sampler,” this would be a great bundle for the last days of summer going into fall. This bundle has 5 bottles of red, 5 bottles of white, and 5 bottles of rosé from top wine areas around the world. Most are small vineyards that produce high quality wine but with low international marketing budgets. Many are family operations that have been in the business decades, some even centuries.

The Supreme Spring Sampler bundle costs $109 for 15 bottles of wine that retail for around $220. And like all of the bundles I’m posting here, there is no additional shipping charge for delivery to your doorstep and there is no membership that locks you in to an ongoing delivery or payment.

Get the Supreme Spring Sampler Wine Case for 50% Off Retail Price!


Of course, there is a bundle for diehard Cabernet fans.

Splash also has a current bundle of 15 bottles of wine that are international Sauvignon Cabernet wines from Italy, Chile, Argentina, and the newly emerging wine regions in South Africa. It is a mixed bundle of six different wines so you get several bottles of each. It costs, with delivery, $115 for 15 bottles that collectively retail around $250. If you love Cabs and aren’t stuck on French, this would be an excellent choice, particularly as we walk into fall.

Get 6 Premium Cabernets for Only $115


And for the most adventurous of Red lovers, there is a another great bundle.

This 15-bottle Ultimate Sampler bundle retails for $305. But you can order it from Splash for $109.95, doorstep delivery, no commitment for other purchases. Unlike the Wines of the World bundle below, this bundle includes French wines as well as wines from other major international wine regions.

For a limited time save over 50% on the Ultimate Sampler 15-Pack of Wine


A lot of the bundles offered by Splash allow upgraded quality for a minimal cost.

The Wines of the World bundle is one of those that has upgrade options. It is a 15-bottle all-red bundle that starts at a cost of only $85. But you can upgrade quality to two different levels. Click here to shop now.


But our absolute favorite is the French Chateaux collection.

It is back! Guaranteed wonderful.

The French Chateaux bundle is fifteen bottles of French red wine from some of the sweetest small batch wine makers in the world. For $139, you get a bundle of 15 bottles of wine at a whopping 73% savings over retail price of the bottles. It is a bundle from major wine regions in France, including three bottles of Bordeaux (our unabashed favorite). And it comes right to your doorstep.

If you have ever wondered if French reds really are the best in the world, order this and see for yourself.

For our favorite French Chateaux bundle and to see all the no-memeberhsip-required options from Splash, simply click the blue link below. You will find thirteen different bundles, including the Rose Sampler (outstanding we promise), the Super Sipper of Whites and Roses (also great for long warm evenings) and the bundle of 15 Different Whites — all perfect for the last hot days of Summer. The rest of the bundles Splash offers are all-red or mixed bundles, except for one that has red, white, and rosé. The most expensive bundle is aptly and ever so creatively called Most Expensive Bundle and though it retails for $480, you pay $185 through Splash.

Check them out. We promise you will be thrilled.

Discover Splash Wines curated cases – 15 handpicked wines just for you

Do we sound like we love Splash?

We should. Because we do.

Yes, we are an affiliate of Splash, and yes, we may make a small commission if you purchase wine from Splash by branching from our website. But here’s the deal that is important to keep in mind. We asked Splash for an affiliation. And we did that because after searching for months and ordering from Splash, we are 100% convinced it is the BEST source for quality wine at the best prices on the American market. And our affiliation does not cost you one tiny cent.

We have, we do, and we will continue to post wine reviews from vendors that we have no affiliation with whatsoever.

But you can rest assured that our reviews of deals from Splash are sincerely because we want to share the absolute best source we have found. And we feel confident you will think so too if you try it.

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