French Keto

Upfront and honest here, I love French food. But I’m Keto. In fact, I am, more than likely, what I would call Permanently Keto. I have been eating primarily Keto for more than three years, and I have no plan to change. Probably ever. So Keto versions of classic French foods are essential to my well being!

The beautiful thing is that French cuisine adapts to Keto very naturally and easily.

Cooking with bacon and cream and butter. That is the hallmark of French cooking.


And of Keto cooking, too.

We find the two the most natural of marriage partners.

Most of the recipes on this site are either Keto recipes or clearly indicate Keto variants that are already tried-and-true adaptations of classic French recipes and dishes. And, of course, there is a bit of American Cajun and Creole thrown in, including my personal rifts on lots of other dishes with origins in places like Portugal and Italy and Persia. It is trés French to embrace new and foreign cuisine, to experiment with new tastes — and then to up the game just a little. Or a lot. The French seem to have that penchant.

Herbs and spices are vitally important in any diet as far as I’m concerned. That is especially true in Keto eating.

So this site will continually add recipes not only for specific dishes and suggested meal pairings, but also for spice mixtures you create yourself in your own kitchen, as well as recipes for all sorts of staples like cultured butter, ketchup, mayonnaise, ghee, nut milks, and even several versions of homemade almond flour. And many of them will include links to purchase hard-to-find ingredients of the highest quality at the best price to boot.

You will find an increasing selection of recipes and ideas in the categories marked Recipes or Cooking Tips & Techniques. Most of these are Keto-friendly and many are Keto-adaptations of classic French recipes we grew up loving. We are more geared to Home French or Country French dishes than the fancy restaurant versions. And we find most of them highly Keto-adapatable.

You will find most of our recipes uniquely categorized by the main ingredient like Cauliflower or Lettuces or Fish. So all you have to do is open the door of your refrigerator or your pantry and see what’s there. It’s quick and easy to find a recipe for it on our site.

And you may find our section specifically on homemade Keto Kitchen Staples to be particularly helpful if you fully embrace Keto the way we do.

And, of course, in the true French tradition, we understand fresh is always best. And we also understand in many parts of the world, fresh is not always all that available in our markets. So we have a whole section devoted to Yard to Table Growing. This helps insure you have access not only to fresh produce but to fully organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free produce.

We have a dedicated section of Suggested Wine & Food Pairings to help create menus.

And we also have Product Reviews for kitchen appliances and gadgets and hard-to-find ingredients we find most helpful on the Keto diet helpful. We find many of these not available locally at prices we can order them online, so we give you links to our favorite sources.

And then, of course we have a wide variety of Wine Reviews of wines we find are the most Keto-friendly. And you will find them separated by by color and variety so it is easy to find our suggestions for your go-to varietals.

We’ve already done all the research for us. We might as well share it with you, right?

If we can’t invite you over to be a guest at our dinner table, we can at least share what’s on the table and how it got there.

It’s just one more way to live life so Frenchly.


À la vôtre!