Review of Casal Garcia Vinho Verde

review of casal garcia vinho verde wine

This esteemed winery of Casal Garcia in the Douro Valley of northern Portugal produces a Red, a Rose, and two very different Whites. This delightful Casal Garcia Vinho Verde is the traditional dry White. Casal Garcia is an unusual vineyard in Portugal because it has leaned heavily towards the French style of wine making for … Read more

Review of 2018 Caiu a Noite Vinho Verde

Review of Caiu a Noite vinho verde

If you have never heard of “green wine,” then let’s start with this one. This 2018 Caiu a Noite Vinho Verde is a typical verde from Northern Portugal. Yes, from Portugal. And with that point, I want to share a little story with you before we get to the taste of the Caiu a Noite … Read more

A Review of 2018 Gnarly Head Sauvignon Blanc

gnarly head sauvignon blanc wine review

We have long been fond of Gnarly Head’s wine venture near Lodi, California. Gnarly Head’s Old Vine Zinfandel has been a consistent favorite of ours over the years. It is always easy on the tongue and a bargain price for the taste. But we haven’t ventured out to taste their other varietals until now. We … Read more

A Review of 2018 Cais de Ribeira Douro White

cais de ribeira douro white wine review

This Cais de Ribeira Douro White from the Douro Valley in northern Portugal is a perfect summer white. Pair it with a generous serving of olives as an appetizer and our delectable Chicken Vinha D’Alhos. And then just sit back and listen to your guests rave, having no idea it was only $$8.99 a bottle … Read more