Review of Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon

OK. We have to admit we initially bought this Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon as a gag gift because it is from Transylvania. That, and it’s a bargain basement priced Cabernet Sauvignon.. Perfect gag gift, right? You know, for your now “adult” but former Goth friend. But to our GREAT surprise, the Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon … Read more

A Review of 2019 H to H Côtes du Rhône Rosé

h to h cotes du rhone rose review

If you are looking for a lovely sip that goes with pretty much any kind of food, here is a great choice. This delightful H to H Côtes du Rhône Rosé is a deliciously versatile wine at a bargain price. Relatively obscure and a small production vineyard, the Homage to Heritage house in northern France … Read more

Review of Casal Garcia Vinho Verde

review of casal garcia vinho verde wine

This esteemed winery of Casal Garcia in the Douro Valley of northern Portugal produces a Red, a Rose, and two very different Whites. This delightful Casal Garcia Vinho Verde is the traditional dry White. Casal Garcia is an unusual vineyard in Portugal because it has leaned heavily towards the French style of wine making for … Read more

Review of 2018 Caiu a Noite Vinho Verde

Review of Caiu a Noite vinho verde

If you have never heard of “green wine,” then let’s start with this one. This 2018 Caiu a Noite Vinho Verde is a typical verde from Northern Portugal. Yes, from Portugal. And with that point, I want to share a little story with you before we get to the taste of the Caiu a Noite … Read more

How to Get the Five Best Wine Deals on the market

The five best wine deals of 2020

We are all about wine. But we are even MORE about great wine, and great wine at an equally great price. And so that brings us to the BEST WINE DEALS we could find. In a recent article we wrote about a several month search for the best sources of wine at really good prices. … Read more

Review of 2018 La Fiera Cerasuolo D’Abruzzo

La Fiera Cerasuolo D'Abruzzo Rose wine review

The word cerasuolo means “cherry” in Italian. You probably have never heard of it in relation to wine. In fact, the appelation of Cerasuolo D’Abruzzo is the newest DOC of the Central Italian wine region. It was only designated in 2010. But don’t be misled into thinking this is a “new” wine. It’s not. It … Read more

Review of 2019 Orée des Roses Rosé

oree des roses rose wine review

If you are looking for a truly excellent budget Rosé, look no further. This lovely from Orée de Roses is just this side of divine — at a great price. We are constantly in search of great wine at bargain prices. In today’s market we try to hold that to under $12 a bottle. Under … Read more

Review of 2019 La Grand’ Vigne Rosé Coteaux Varois

la grand vigne rose wine review

First let me start with a fact that the local wine merchant where I found this does not mention. The 2019 La Grand’ Vigne Rosé Coteaux Varois was a Gold Medal winner at the 2020 Concours Général Agricole Paris, a well known French wine competition. At a price tag of under $15 a bottle, that … Read more

A Review of 2018 Gnarly Head Sauvignon Blanc

gnarly head sauvignon blanc wine review

We have long been fond of Gnarly Head’s wine venture near Lodi, California. Gnarly Head’s Old Vine Zinfandel has been a consistent favorite of ours over the years. It is always easy on the tongue and a bargain price for the taste. But we haven’t ventured out to taste their other varietals until now. We … Read more

A Review of 2018 Chapoutier Belleruche Rosé

chapoutier bellaruche rose wine review

Several of my closest friends have long eschewed Rosé and Blush wines. But this 2018 Chapoutier Belleruche Rosé actually brought one of them around to seeing the PINK LIGHT! Unlike American palates, in France Rosé is preferred over White. And although few native French I know would turn up their noses at a delightfully delicate … Read more