Poulet Bonhomme (Lemon and Herb Stuffed Chicken)

classic french recipe lemon and herb stuffed chicken

This wonderful Lemon and Herb Stuffed Chicken is one of the recipes I recently found stuffed in a dusty old box of my grandmother’s recipes. I’ve been painstakingly translated them one-by-one from her handwritten French to modern English. The French-to-English part has not been as difficult as reading her handwriting. But the hardest part — … Read more

Poulet Favori (Spice Rubbed Chicken)

spice rubbed chicken recipe

This must’ve been either my grandmother or my grandfather’s favorite recipe for oven-roasted chicken. I say that because her hand-written recipe for the Spice Rubbed Chicken recipe labels it Poulet Favori. That literally translates to “Favorite Chicken” in English. The original recipe was in French. This is my translation. The original called for using seasonal … Read more

Mesquite Smoked Turkey Salad with Red Grape & Sliced Almonds

mesquite smoked turkey salad

This dish started off with a generous gift of freshly barbecued turkey from one of my favorite local chefs, Ricci Neer, and her darling little eatery Comanche Cafe. As fate would have it, I had been craving Chicken Salad all day, so the gift of her mesquite-smoked turkey seemed like a green light. Why not … Read more

Chicken Vinha d’Alhos

chicken vinha d'alhos recipe

The French have always had a fascination with Portugal. It goes back centuries. And nowhere is it found more deeply ingrained than in their shared love of food and flavors. And nowhere does this emerge more strongly than in this spicy Chicken Vinha d’Alhos. This traditional Portuguese dish is typically made with pork. But the … Read more