Incredible Cauliflower Rice

cauliflower rice recipe

“Chou-fleur, c’est le plus timide.” Cauliflower is the wallflower. Cauliflower is the vegetable most people don’t even think of or notice. It isn’t fancy. It certainly isn’t “cool.” But Cauliflower melds with 1,000 tastes and has nutritional benefits out the wazoo. In French the word is Chou-fleur. The large edible flower. To our ears, and … Read more

Delicious Slow-Roasted Brocolli and Cauliflower

slow roasted broccoli with italian seasoning recipe

Ok. This dish uses what are usually marketed in the U.S. as “Italian” herbs. But the French prepare it this way and the French love it this way. And when you say Brocoli et Chou-fleur Italien like the French do, it becomes a French dish, right? Of course if you really would rather call it Italian … Read more

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Indian Curry

vegetarian indian curry

This wonderful made-from-scratch Vegetarian Indian Curry recipe floods our house with its exotic aromas for hours before it’s ready. And it always brings back fondest memories of New Jawad Longchamp and Joyti, our two favorite Indian restaurants in Paris. Part of the experience always was savoring the delicious teasing for blocks and blocks as we … Read more