Herbed Walnut Keto Sandwich Bread

keto sandwich bread

It’s so hard to find a really good Keto sandwich bread that isn’t way too eggy or too dense. This one fits the bill wonderfully. Aromatic, semi-soft, not too dense, and with a fairly fine crumb. Toasts like a dream if you want to maximize the crunch. And it freezes easily. Flavorful Keto Sandwich Bread … Read more

Keto Walnut Rosemary Bread

keto rosemary walnut bread recipe

If you have been Keto for more than 6 hours, you know  how difficult it is to find a GOOD Keto bread. Well, this Keto Walnut Rosemary Bread is a find! Rustic, savory, crusty, aromatic. And grain-free!