Baked Brie – 3 Bloody Brilliant & Delicious Recipes

baked brie

In France, there are dozens of regional takes on Baked Brie. We are going to share our favorite three recipes with you. Brie is an unusual cheese in that sometimes it is made from cow’s milk and sometimes it is made from goat’s milk. We happen to favor the goat-versions, but regardless of the type, … Read more

Slow Roasted and Savory Roasted Sweet Peppers

slow roasted sweet peppers

This Provençal dish from the south of France is a classic that is surprisingly easy to replicate. These Slow Roasted & Savory Sweet Peppers fill your kitchen with the lingering aromas of the south of France — way before your meal. And happily, for hours after. Easy to re-heat on the rare occasion there are … Read more

Poulet Bonhomme (Lemon and Herb Stuffed Chicken)

classic french recipe lemon and herb stuffed chicken

This wonderful Lemon and Herb Stuffed Chicken is one of the recipes I recently found stuffed in a dusty old box of my grandmother’s recipes. I’ve been painstakingly translated them one-by-one from her handwritten French to modern English. The French-to-English part has not been as difficult as reading her handwriting. But the hardest part — … Read more

The Simplicity and Elegance of Classic French Mustard Asparagus

asperges a la moutarde classic french recipe for mustard asparagus

This classic French dish of Asperges à la Moutarde, or Mustard Asparagus is an easy and delicious oven favorite. Asparagus is a powerhouse of nutrients packed in a low amount of calories and it is gluten-free, low-carb, and fully Keto. And on top of that, asparagus is high in anti-oxidents like vitamin E, vitamin C … Read more

Naked Char-Grilled Salmon with Bayonnaise

grilled salmon with bayonnaise recipe

Nothing beats Char-Grilled Salmon with Bayonnaise sauce on a hot summer evening. Little can transport the soul to southwestern France more quickly than this Classic French recipe for Saumon Grillé et Bayonnaise. And the cherry on the top, so to speak, is the fact that this is a recipe that really requires no recipe at … Read more

Trust the Boom of Triple Tumeric Cannonball Coffee

turst the boom of triple tumeric cannonball coffee

If you are a fan of Bullet Proof Coffee, take it up a notch. Or six. You need to try our Triple Boom Tumeric Cannonball Coffee. Believe me, it blasts the immune system — in great way. What is so special about Tumeric? Tumeric is chocked full of bio-active compounds with powerful medicinal properties. It’s … Read more

The One and Only Bona Fide Bullet Proof Coffee Recipe

bullet proof coffee recipe

You will see a whole bunch of recipes for Bullet Proof coffee floating around on the Internet. And to be honest, we do mix it up a bit by adding in various extra ingredients in our kitchen some mornings. But the basic Bullet Proof Coffee is a thing of art. All alone. All good. And … Read more