Four Dynamite Wine Decanters You Will Adore, Affordably

the four best wine decanters

For young wines, an aerator does the trick perfectly. But for aged wines or really big reds, wine decanters are absolutely essential to the taste. So we searched high and low and found the Three  Best Wine Decanters at a non-millionaire prices. We promise each one of these lovely wine decanters will enhance the nez … Read more

The Search is Over! The 4 Perfect Universal Red Wine Glasses

universal red wine glass

I’ve been hunting for the Perfect Universal Red Wine Glass for years. And finally I decided it was time to get serious and come up with an organized plan for my search. We all understand how important it is to match the glass to the wine. But who has enough extra real estate to house … Read more

The 4 Best Wine Aerators on the Market

best wine aerators

We are going to cut to the chase here and get right to the Four Best Wine Aerators on the Market today — from the standpoint of quality for cost. You can find cutesier ones with doggy heads or elaborate dragons. You can find bigger more expensive ones with fancy pumps that light up with … Read more

Three Rose Glasses that will Revolutionize Love of Pink

best rose glasses

I remember beautiful Rosé Glasses on my grandmother’s table. Gentle, delicate. They looked like shimmering rose petals. But mostly I remember the first sip of wine I ever had. Right there at her dining table. I felt so grown up. I can almost taste it now. It was a lovely Rosé from the Languedoc — … Read more

The Truth About the Top 6 Immersion Blenders of 2020

best immersion blender

THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED IN JUNE OF THIS YEAR. THIS UPDATE IS POSTED BECAUSE OF SIGNIFICANT CHANGES IN PRODUCT OFFERINGS AND MARKET PRICE OF SOME OF THE KEY PRODUCTS. We take this as an example of how quickly the market landscape can change on Amazon today, even in only 90 days. After posting a … Read more

Frugal Buyer’s Guide to the Six Most Advanced MCT Oil Products

miraculous MCT oil

I once was deluded into thinking that MCT oil is just a gimmick. It seemed to me MCT oil is just expensive coconut oil. It turns out I was wrong. Admitting mistakes is the first step to wisdom. Or something like that. And when we figure out our mistakes, sharing what we’ve learned with others … Read more

The Top 5 French Ovens, Essential and Flexible

french oven is flexible and fundamental kitchen tool

Some kitchen tools a good cook simply cannot live without. A good French oven is on the top of my list. And I will be honest. I don’t just like this piece of cookware. I LOVE it! My French Oven is the go-to piece in my kitchen that I use over, and over, and over. … Read more

Five Suprisingly Superb Sugar Substitutes

the five best sugar substitutes

In a recent conversation with a friend who has a family history of diabetes, she expressed concern that she may be pre-diabetic and that she really needs to cut down her sugar intake but she is afraid of chemical sugar substitutes. This article is for her and anyone else who is diabetic or concerned about … Read more

The Five Best Corkscrews 2020

5 best corkscrews

We scoured the marketplace to find the best corkscrew at the best price. And here are the FIVE BEST CORKSCREWS we found. Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew This professional waiter’s corkscrew is available on Amazon and is usually around $12 with no shipping costs. This is the corkscrew you see in most restaurants around the world. … Read more