Four Dynamite Wine Decanters You Will Adore, Affordably

the four best wine decanters

For young wines, an aerator does the trick perfectly. But for aged wines or really big reds, wine decanters are absolutely essential to the taste. So we searched high and low and found the Three  Best Wine Decanters at a non-millionaire prices. We promise each one of these lovely wine decanters will enhance the nez … Read more

The Search is Over! The 4 Perfect Universal Red Wine Glasses

universal red wine glass

I’ve been hunting for the Perfect Universal Red Wine Glass for years. And finally I decided it was time to get serious and come up with an organized plan for my search. We all understand how important it is to match the glass to the wine. But who has enough extra real estate to house … Read more

Should You Decant Wine or Aerate Wine?

to decant wine or to aerate wine

Sometimes the biggest problem is not the answer, but asking the right question. The real question is not whether it is better to decant wine or to aerate wine. The real question is does all wine need to breathe? And the answer is a resounding yes. Wine needs to breathe. And that means all wine. … Read more

Three Rose Glasses that will Revolutionize Love of Pink

best rose glasses

I remember beautiful Rosé Glasses on my grandmother’s table. Gentle, delicate. They looked like shimmering rose petals. But mostly I remember the first sip of wine I ever had. Right there at her dining table. I felt so grown up. I can almost taste it now. It was a lovely Rosé from the Languedoc — … Read more

The Definitive Answer to Which has the most Caffeine: Light Roast or Dark Roast?

the amount of caffeine in light roast and dark roast coffee

The question comes up all the time — which has the most caffeine, light roast or dark roast? Almost everyone seems to know the answer. Right? Except pretty much every one is wrong because it turns out if you are looking for high caffeine content, light roast vs dark roast is the wrong question. So … Read more

The Five Things Americans Don’t Know About Wine

things american don't know about wine

Believe me, learning these five things Americans don’t know about wine will change you. And will change wine for you. So listen up here, Yanks. Because this can change your whole experience with wine. You can rest assured the French know all of these things, but they probably won’t tell you unless they fall in … Read more