The 4 Best Wine Aerators on the Market

best wine aerators

We are going to cut to the chase here and get right to the Four Best Wine Aerators on the Market today — from the standpoint of quality for cost. You can find cutesier ones with doggy heads or elaborate dragons. You can find bigger more expensive ones with fancy pumps that light up with … Read more

The Truth About the Top 6 Immersion Blenders of 2020

best immersion blender

THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED IN JUNE OF THIS YEAR. THIS UPDATE IS POSTED BECAUSE OF SIGNIFICANT CHANGES IN PRODUCT OFFERINGS AND MARKET PRICE OF SOME OF THE KEY PRODUCTS. We take this as an example of how quickly the market landscape can change on Amazon today, even in only 90 days. After posting a … Read more

The Top 5 French Ovens, Essential and Flexible

french oven is flexible and fundamental kitchen tool

Some kitchen tools a good cook simply cannot live without. A good French oven is on the top of my list. And I will be honest. I don’t just like this piece of cookware. I LOVE it! My French Oven is the go-to piece in my kitchen that I use over, and over, and over. … Read more

Seven Best Wine Tools to Maximize Taste

the seven most important wine tools

We are all about maximizing the taste of our wine. That way we can buy relatively inexpensive wine — and have it taste like wine two or three times the price. As we have mentioned several times before, pairing the right glass to the type of wine you are drinking makes huge difference in how … Read more

Our Top Three Picks for Best Teapot

best tea pot

OK. I lied. THE best teapot. ONE. ONE pick for a a great teapot. This is based solely on taste not on gussied up prettiness. I didn’t set out to lie, I promise. Why did three shrink to one? Because the first one we tried was absolutely the best teapot we have ever used. I … Read more

Water Filter Classifications and What They Mean

water filter classifications

No federal regulations exist for residential water treatment filters, purifiers, and reverse osmosis systems in the United States. So what do those numbers for water filter classifications mean? There are no required legal standards, but voluntary national standards and NSF International protocols have been developed that establish minimum requirements for the safety and performance of … Read more

Review of the 4 Best Air Fryers of 2020

Crux 2.2 quart air fryer

If you are reading this, I probably don’t have to tell you what a great invention an air fryer is. Without a doubt, this is one of the best small appliances you can have in your kitchen, particularly if you live in a hot climate. But this Review of the 4 best Air Fryers of … Read more

The Tale of the used Kitchen Aid Blender that made me money — the best investment ever!

Back in 2004, I got on a bread and pastry kick. I was making either a loaf of bread or some kind of pastry (or both) daily. And I decided after many years of putting it off, that I would finally bite the bullet and buy the KitchenAid standing mixer I had been salivating over … Read more

All the wine glasses you need, without putting an addition on your home to house them.

it's all in the glass, pairing the wine glas to the wine

Do you really need to match the glass to the wine? The short answer is yes. These are all of the wine glasses you need. And here’s why. We think the best answer ever is from the Kitchen Professor: A $40 bottle of wine can taste like a $5 bottle if you drink it from … Read more