Beware of the Dirty Dozen & How to Eat Clean Anyway!

complete list of the 2020 dirty dozen

If you have never heard of the DIRTY DOZEN and the CLEAN 15, it is time you learned about them if you value health. So we are going to take a look first at what the DIRTY DOZEN and the CLEAN 15 are. Then we are going to look at each more closely to know … Read more

Frugal Buyer’s Guide to the Six Most Advanced MCT Oil Products

miraculous MCT oil

I once was deluded into thinking that MCT oil is just a gimmick. It seemed to me MCT oil is just expensive coconut oil. It turns out I was wrong. Admitting mistakes is the first step to wisdom. Or something like that. And when we figure out our mistakes, sharing what we’ve learned with others … Read more

The Top 5 French Ovens, Essential and Flexible

french oven is flexible and fundamental kitchen tool

Some kitchen tools a good cook simply cannot live without. A good French oven is on the top of my list. And I will be honest. I don’t just like this piece of cookware. I LOVE it! My French Oven is the go-to piece in my kitchen that I use over, and over, and over. … Read more

How to Dry Mushrooms in Your Oven

how to dry mushrooms in your oven

Here is my guide on How to Dry Mushrooms in Your Oven. Although many exotic mushrooms are available today online, a lot of people like to know exactly what the ingredients are. So many people prefer to dry fresh mushrooms in their own homes to preserve them for future use. The best way to dry … Read more

Five Suprisingly Superb Sugar Substitutes

the five best sugar substitutes

In a recent conversation with a friend who has a family history of diabetes, she expressed concern that she may be pre-diabetic and that she really needs to cut down her sugar intake but she is afraid of chemical sugar substitutes. This article is for her and anyone else who is diabetic or concerned about … Read more

Seven Best Wine Tools to Maximize Taste

the seven most important wine tools

We are all about maximizing the taste of our wine. That way we can buy relatively inexpensive wine — and have it taste like wine two or three times the price. As we have mentioned several times before, pairing the right glass to the type of wine you are drinking makes huge difference in how … Read more

Dried-to-Fresh Conversion Chart for Italian Seasoning

DRIED TO FRESH conversion chart for herbs in italian seasoning

Since many of us prefer using fresh organic herbs from our yards rather than dried or commercial herbs, we are sharing this quick & easy Dried to Fresh Conversion Chart for our Kickass Italian Seasoning recipe. All future posts will contain links to this kind of conversion chart. We intentionally chose to use ratios so … Read more

Kickass Italian Seasoning Recipe

kickass italian seasoning

Certainly, you can just purchase a ready-made jar of Italian Seasoning pretty much anywhere groceries are sold. It’s a widely-used flavor combination worldwide. But my Italian Seasoning Recipe makes it easy to conjure it up in your own kitchen any time you want. And the big advantage of knowing what is actually in Italian Seasoning … Read more

Delicious Slow-Roasted Brocolli and Cauliflower

slow roasted broccoli with italian seasoning recipe

Ok. This dish uses what are usually marketed in the U.S. as “Italian” herbs. But the French prepare it this way and the French love it this way. And when you say Brocoli et Chou-fleur Italien like the French do, it becomes a French dish, right? Of course if you really would rather call it Italian … Read more