A Review of 2018 Cais de Ribeira Douro White

Portuguese Vinha D'Alhos with Douro Valley wineThis Cais de Ribeira Douro White from the Douro Valley in northern Portugal is a perfect summer white. Pair it with a generous serving of olives as an appetizer and our delectable Chicken Vinha D’Alhos. And then just sit back and listen to your guests rave, having no idea it was only $$8.99 a bottle (if you are smart and buy wine 6 bottles at a time, otherwise it’s still only $9.99).

This is a classic Portuguese Green Wine that most of us would call a white. You find this type of wine in Spain as well. But we are quite partial to the Portuguese ones.

This type of wine is quite wonderful paired with pungent olives or with spicy foods like our chicken-version of classic Portuguese Vinha D’Alhos. We find it particularly good with the chicken version.

But it is GREAT with olives.

Speaking of olives.

Instead of serving bread or chips and salsa at the beginning of a meal, the Portuguese serve olives. And they don’t just serve olives. They serve olives. Unlike any olives you can find outside of Portugal.

Believe me when I say no one understands, grows, knows, and loves olive more than the Portuguese.

But Portuguese olives are almost impossible to find in the states. However, after a lot of searching, I’ve finally been able to locate one online vendor that carries the highest quality Portuguese olives and delivers internationally. So I simply have to share.

You can get these great Marçarico Green Olives from Portuguese Foods Online. Or you can get Marçarico Black Olives from the same vendor at the same cost. They are a splurge due to low distribution and distance, but I promise you have never tasted any olives as wonderful.

But at a lower cost, you might try to do a traditional Portuguese appetizer with more widely distributed brands from other olive-producing companies with higher international distribution. Most of these originate in Italy, Spain, northern Africa, or the Middle East. All are known for quality olives.

I would suggest you try these gourmet Bella di Cerignola Green Olives on Amazon from Oilala near Puglia in Italy. If you prefer pimento in your olives, a sure bet are these Sanniti Spanish Pitted Queen Olives Stuffed with Pimento on Amazon. Or if you want to try something unique, try these DeLallo Almond Stuffed Olives on Amazon that come from Greece. These DeLallo olives are pitted green olives stuffed with a whole almond.

You will find that olives from Italy and Spain and Greece and Turkey have very different tastes.

Of course if you want a real surprise for an appetizer (one that would go great with Portuguese Green Wine and our Vinha D’Alhos Chicken), you might try these olives from Tassos in Greece, Double-Stuffed Jalapeno-Garlic Mamouth Olives on Amazon. They aren’t super-hot. But they will surprise the tongue.

If you prefer black olives to green olives, I would suggest you try either theseTurkish Marmarabirlik Dried Natural Black Olives from Amazon or these lovely gourmet Greek Pelloponese Pitted Black Olives on Amazon.

Bon appetit!


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