Beware of the Dirty Dozen & How to Eat Clean Anyway!

complete list of the 2020 dirty dozen

If you have never heard of the DIRTY DOZEN and the CLEAN 15, it is time you learned about them if you value health. So we are going to take a look first at what the DIRTY DOZEN and the CLEAN 15 are. Then we are going to look at each more closely to know … Read more

Baked Brie – 3 Bloody Brilliant & Delicious Recipes

baked brie

In France, there are dozens of regional takes on Baked Brie. We are going to share our favorite three recipes with you. Brie is an unusual cheese in that sometimes it is made from cow’s milk and sometimes it is made from goat’s milk. We happen to favor the goat-versions, but regardless of the type, … Read more

This week’s 7 Best Amazon Great Deals and Super Steals!

fabulous friday flash sale

Once again we are bringing you the current Great Deals and Super Steals from Amazon. Remember, these are time-sensitive prices.   We suspect this is a new product to Amazon which is why there are so few reviews on it. But at under $10 for two re-usable storage bags, this is a GREAT PRICE because … Read more

Four Dynamite Wine Decanters You Will Adore, Affordably

the four best wine decanters

For young wines, an aerator does the trick perfectly. But for aged wines or really big reds, wine decanters are absolutely essential to the taste. So we searched high and low and found the Three  Best Wine Decanters at a non-millionaire prices. We promise each one of these lovely wine decanters will enhance the nez … Read more

Slow Roasted and Savory Roasted Sweet Peppers

slow roasted sweet peppers

This Provençal dish from the south of France is a classic that is surprisingly easy to replicate. These Slow Roasted & Savory Sweet Peppers fill your kitchen with the lingering aromas of the south of France — way before your meal. And happily, for hours after. Easy to re-heat on the rare occasion there are … Read more

The Search is Over! The 4 Perfect Universal Red Wine Glasses

universal red wine glass

I’ve been hunting for the Perfect Universal Red Wine Glass for years. And finally I decided it was time to get serious and come up with an organized plan for my search. We all understand how important it is to match the glass to the wine. But who has enough extra real estate to house … Read more

Review of Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon

OK. We have to admit we initially bought this Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon as a gag gift because it is from Transylvania. That, and it’s a bargain basement priced Cabernet Sauvignon.. Perfect gag gift, right? You know, for your now “adult” but former Goth friend. But to our GREAT surprise, the Recas Castle Cabernet Sauvignon … Read more