About So Frenchly

meet mimi so frenchlyMy name is Mimi. This is me in Paris.

You know, back when we could travel. And go to restaurants and not wear masks.

This is a photograph of me in my favorite little neighborhood restaurant in Alésia.

I am the founder of this site. All about living So Frenchly!

I do not live in France. At least not right now. But I love France passionately and I love “living Frenchly” whereever life happens to find my feet.

And even though most of us have had our wings clipped recently, we still can live So Frenchly so easily. And believe me, it enriches life greatly. That’s what this website is all about…learning how to live life So Frenchly wherever we are.


I can’t bring me to Paris these days. But I certainly can bring Paris to me.

And so can you!

We can live so Frenchly, no matter where we are.

But what does that mean? And why you might ask is living so Frenchly so important?

It’s all about joy. Finding, and savoring, the joy of life. The French have a phrase for it. Joie de Vivre.

That’s what living so Frenchly is all about. The Joie de Vivre.

Somehow the French seem to be born with an innate understanding that the five secrets passageways to the joie de vivre are: food, wine, beauty, people, and time.

I’ve taken it up as a mission to pass that understanding around! Mask or no mask, Zoom or no Zoom. Joy is joy.

The French pare life down to the essentials.

But they re-prioritize things differently than Americans.

Like Food. The French love food. Not just any food, not just fast food. But really good food.

And they know that takes time...

It takes time to prepare it.

But more importantly, it takes time to enjoy it.

The French never rush a meal. To them a meal is to be savored, lingered over, relaxed, joyous.

And of course the French understand that fresh is always best. Seasonal ingredients always give the best tasting and most nutritious meals. The fresher the ingredients, the cleaner they are grown, and the higher quality the ingredients are, the better the food will taste no matter who cooks it, how skillfully they cook, or what recipe they use.

The two keys to wonderful food that most Americans have forgotten is fresh ingredients and time.

But we can re-learn that by living So Frenchly.

Of course, as much as they love food, the French love wine. Maybe more.

Not just any wine, really good wine.

And they understand that really good wine does not have to cost a lot. It just has to taste wonderful.about so frenchly

The French understand that the palate and the nose are trainable. And they know all the tricks to maximize the taste of any wine at any price point.

And because they understand these simple secrets, they know how to chose a decent inexpensive wine and make it taste taste fabulous. And we are going to share those secrets with you!

The French dearly love beauty.

Beauty is sensual and sensuous.

And that means using all of the sense.

The French eat outdoors whenever it is possible. (Think any time it’s not snowing.)about so frenchly

And when they do eat indoors, they bring the outdoors in. Beauty is sensual and sensuous. And that mean using all of the senses.

The French eat outdoors whenever it is possible. (Think not snowing.)

And when they do eat indoors, they bring the outdoors in.

These two little secrets are a huge step in living so Frenchly. And they are easy steps to take.

about so frenchly

A bouquet of fresh flowers, even of freshly cut herbs. Inventive, colorful combinations of napkins and plates. Creative ways of “presenting” food on a dinner plate. Even one flower on a dessert plate adds a zest and joy to any dining table.

A bit of music playing while you chop vegetables and prepare the meal. And certainly music while you dine!

Whimsy. Color. Fun. Light-hearted. Every meal, every moment can be special.

Beauty costs next to nothing but it makes all the difference in the world.

But more than any of these, the French love to spend time with friends and family.

And what better way to do that than to share good food, good wine, and beauty with them?

all about so frenchly

They key, of course, is that all of these things take time.

Fast loses. Slow wins.

Lingering. Savoring. Taking time to enjoy.

These are the secret passage ways to living life so Frenchly.



That’s what this site is all about. Living life so Frenchly.