A Review of 2018 Chapoutier Belleruche Rosé

Several of my closest friends have long eschewed Rosé and Blush wines. But this 2018 Chapoutier Belleruche Rosé actually brought one of them around to seeing the PINK LIGHT!

Unlike American palates, in France Rosé is preferred over White. And although few native French I know would turn up their noses at a delightfully delicate Provençale Rosé, the French Rosé taste lies in the more northerly richer, fuller pinks. This delight is one of those bigger Rosé tastes.

You may have heard American friends say that Rosé is a “ladies wine.” That does seem to be the case in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK where wine industry statistics show that Rosé wine drinkers are predominantly women rather then men. But in France, where the largest of amount of Rosé is produced, the difference in Rosé consumption between males and females is negligible. And that’s also true in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Russia. And in Brazil, the Rosé tables are totally turned — the majority of Rosé drinkers are men, not women.

Rosé is a favored wine staple over the long, hot summers of the Texas gulf coast area where I live most of the year. And Rosé is indeed a lovely drink in hot weather. In most world markets, sales of Rosé are seasonal. Most of it is bought in the spring and summer.

But Rosé is easy to drink year round. Don’t think it is solely for the hot part of the year because it definitely is not.

This 2018 Capoutier Belleruche Rosé from the Loire Valley in France is a moderately-price wine with a big flavor. You can typically find it around $10 a bottle.

Well chilled in a long-stemmed glass, this delightful Rosé is a departure from the Provence pinks with a great deal more fruit mid-mouth than those rosé wines from deeper south.

This is a light-bodied to medium-bodied, dry Rosé that pairs well with almost anything you might serve for light evening meal in the heat of summer. In fact, this is the wine I recommended to pair with my Crustless Keto Quiche Américain.

But it would be equally good with a hearty green salad in the fall or with any kind of seafood salad or chicken salad.

Here’s what’s really special about this wine.

The nez has a whiff of strawberry. But the first note of the bouche is a mixture of cherry and pomegranate quickly followed by a hint of bitter orange and rose petal. The delightful cherry lingers throughout. It richens into larger red stone fruit mid-mouth, still holding cherry.

As an appetizer — or even as a whole meal — it pairs exceedingly well with Gruyere, any sort of goat cheese, or Feta. Add a few wedges of good toasted bread, some gourmet olives, perhaps some berries or apple slices and you have sumptuous starter or a petit meal fit for your Inner Princess.


To see how the 2018 Chapoutier Belleruche Rosé stacks up against other moderately-priced rose wines, stay tuned for a comparison review of four of Mimi’s favorites.




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